Spi Ouest-France Regatta - Photo Pêcheur d'Images

Spi Ouest-France Regatta

The Italian word regatta means "challenge" and gave its name to these big sporting events between wind, sea and men. The pleasure of the crew to domesticate the wind in the sails is matched by the spectator’s pleasure. They love seeing spinnakers on the sea, transformed into a spring meadow where one thousand petals swing in the breeze.
This is in la Trinité sur Mer where the Spi Ouest-France launches the racing season. This competition is held every year since 1978 during the Easter weekend. Yachts are racing in the Quiberon’s Bay 4 days long.
Very popular, this sailing event attracts both professionals and amateurs. In 2010, the 32nd edition was made of 3,000 sailors, 430 boats, 14 runs, 9 countries, 27 organization boats, 13 judges and 40,000 visitors.