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Maritim school aboard Belem tallship

"Mousse always be valiant, loyal"
Closed in 1988, after more than a century of existence in Brest, the Ecole des Mousses opened again on September 14, 2009 at the Naval Training Center (CIN), overlooking the military port and the harbor of Brest .
The School of Foams prepares every year a promotion of 150 young men and women who want to quickly acquire a skill and a job in the Navy.
These future mosses must be between 16 and 18 years old; to leave a class of 3rd or 2nd; to be of French nationality; enjoy their civil rights; present the required medical, physical and psychological skills; to have received the consent of parental authority for unemancipated minors; and be free from any commitment to an employer.
The School of Mosses provides military and maritime training punctuated by strong moments. Among other things, boarding on the Belem school ship and historical monument, exits on ships of the naval action force,
The photo report was made aboard Belem, off the coast of Brittany. The Belem is the last French three-masted barque and the oldest in Europe still in navigation.