Antarctica - Photo Pêcheur d'Images



Land of fascination, this frozen immensity has long remained unknown, until it is approached for the first time in 1820 by a Russian expedition. Antarctica has spectacular mountain landscapes, the largest icebergs to be and millions of animals living in large colonies.

The Deception Island in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula has long been the basis for factory ships of Norwegian and Chilean whaling. It is home to several colonies of chinstrap penguins, penguin "Adele" and penguins "emperor. " The latter being the only penguin whose presence is limited to the Antarctic continent and its ice.

Port Lockroy, on the west coast of the peninsula, is an ancient place of whaling, and served as a rear base and working for the whalers, as its geographical location and configuration of protected vessels from north-winds is. The land, cleared of any ice and the presence of a colony of gentoo penguins were also used as food reserve. Today, Port Lockroy is a historic site open to the public where you can find a museum, a post office, a souvenir shop. During the austral summer, a team of three to four people who aims to welcome tourists and observe the colony of gentoo penguins keeps it.